"Fulls d'Enginyeria" interviews us


On  october 26, we had the great honor of being interviewed by "Fulls d'Enginyeria", the "Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya" magazine in which news related with the field of engineering is published. In it, Ona Folch and Pol Lezcano, marketing and managment chiefs respectively, expose the difficulties that the team has gone through this last season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the feedback recieved from our recently participation in the Formula Student Italy and de roadmap to follow, among others.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it very difficult for us this season. In addition to not having been able to work during the quarantine months, as it's logical, and having had to limit the capacity of the workshop, we have not been allowed to attend more than 8 people at FS Italy. Thus, the work normally carried out by 20 or 25 people has had to be covered by 8, which has represented an excessive workload. However, we now know certainly that we have a car that is mechanically at the level of the competition and, in addition, the errors have been located, from which measures will be taken to correct them for the following season.

With regard to this season's roadmap, it has been decided to work two years ahead to ensure the correct operation of the car and to introduce the next changes with the maximum possible safety. For the 2022 season, the car will be practically identical technically to that of the 2021 season and the changes that are implemented will be specific to solve errors. For the 2023 season, much more transcendental changes are planned: changing the two rear engines for two wheel motors and totally new monocoque geometry, among many others.

Here you can read the full interview.