The Body & Composites department visits Nexus Projectes


On January 20, 2022, the members of the Body & Composites department had the pleasure of visiting one of the team's Gold category sponsors, Nexus Projectes.

Nexus Projectes is a company with years of experience in the development of products based on composite materials. Thanks to their collaboration, which has consisted of offering us the services of a plotter machine technician, it has been possible to cut the specimens that will be used both for the tests required by the SES (Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet) and for the tests of carbon fiber parameterization.

It should be noted that, without their help, the fabrication of the specimens would not have been as good as they would have had to be cut each one by hand, which would have involved a much longer manufacturing time with lower quality. Also, the amount of material used would have been considerably higher. That is why we greatly appreciate your collaboration and the advice you gave us to continue improving.

We are very happy with the results, which you can see below.