WILL-e, the name speaks for itself

Will-e is our second design and the first car completely functional which participated in Formula Student Spain 2015 in August. It was an important challege for us because we wanted to demonstrate what we were capable of.  In this context, we got endorsed the next  Einstein's sentence that summarizes our goals for that season. 

"There is a driving force more powerful than the steam, electricity or atomic energy: - The will. "

We were inspired by this statement and therefore we decided to name our car according to it. With will and the support of new and old sponsors, we were assured of our success.

After all downsides and difficulties during the entire 2014-2015 season, we were facing a whole year to overcome all the mistakes from the past so that we could compete in Formula Student Spain which it was celebrated by the ends of August.

With an entire renewed team and a motivation, we started the design of our future car. 

Thanks to the help of old and new sponsors who had still faith on the project, we could manage to meet the initial material expenses. Our effort was utterly compensated.

During the design stage, we could exhibit our project in trade shows such  La Feria del Motor y Competición de Sabadell and ExpoElectric de Barcelona (the most important trade show of sustainable mobility in the Southern Europe). These events helped us to move closer our project to the people and we met new collaborators prepared to help us in our endeavour.

The design was closed far beyond the agreed time due to technical problems and the aim of delivering the most updated design with the utmost accuracy. Besides, the material arrived late and we could not start the construction stage as planned. This stage was mainly started by the cutting, mechanization and welding of the frame's bar. In parallel, the rest of the departments also started, hence, once the frame had already been finished, everybody could start assembling each part as rapis as possible. 

The bodywork was a completely new design. The  Instituto Europeo de Design (IED) gave us support and right there we worked in order to elaborate the car's body.

The Will-e's performance in the Formula Student Spain left us with a bittersweet taste, in spite of the good feedback we received from the judges with respect to our design and the technology applied in. Some last-minute errors prevent us from competing in the dynamic events.

Nonetheless, we rested assured of the huge work behind us. Owing to this, we decided to test our car during the next weeks and therefore we compiled information for our next designs. Having the opportunity to watch our car working perfectly made our most inner fealings arised from our body.