With the arrival of the new season, our target was clear. We needed to build an even faster car. In order to achieve this objective we focused on updating our powertrain by building custom-made motors fitted to the needs of our open-wheel car.

After the good results obtained last season with EV-A in Formula Student Spain, the goal of showing the potential of our new car in Europe became a necessity/ the desire of showing the potential of our new car in Europe became a reality. It was then, with STEV-e, that we decided to participate in both Formula Student Spain and Czech Republic.

This is the result of our objectives, the design of the car that promised making us dream:

In order to move an electric-powered vehicle a power-supply is essential. Here we will show you the making-off of our battery pack:

After getting our power source, we needed something to move with it, so our mechanical departments started working on it:

And after hard months of working we reached the climax, the presentation of our open-wheel car:

But there were no time for breaks, as the car needed to be tested in order to compete with certain guarantees in Formula Spain.

Here you have a small photographic recap of this phase, in which we improved the reliability and the efficiency of our car: