EV-a, the life

EV-A  is our third design, in other words, our second completely functional car. It is also the first car that takes part in the dynamic events of the Formula Student Spain.

After the feedback obtained in the 2015 edition, it was decided to develop a design from brand new for the 2016 season with two main goals: weight reduction and reliability's enhancement, specifically in the electronic field.

100 enterprises took part in our endeavour. Thanks to them, we were able to build the car and exhibit it in el Moll de la Fusta de Barcelona and in Barcelona Motordays:

After the presentation, the team spent two months in testing the car in parallel to the preparation of the static events. They consisted of three different tasks:  Business, Cost and Design reports.

Eventually, the competition arrived.  The team standed out for its 8th position in the Bussiness Plan. With regard to the dynamic event, the team had to overcome problems regarding the battery pack during the first days of competition. However, they could be solved efficiently and we could compete in the Autocross and the Endurance tests at our maximum potential.