The name Wall-e emerges as a representative symbol of the WALL·E robot from the Disney movie, where this robot was the last of its kind, much like Wall-e compared to previous season's vehicles. The main changes in the vehicle are focused on its aerodynamics, including new elements such as side wings to increase efficiency at high speeds, and modifications to the shocks to increase driving efficiency. Additionally, a significant change involved manufacturing a new battery that transitioned from pouch cells to cylindrical cells. In terms of structure, the choice was made to use fiber panels instead of 3D printing.

On the other hand, during this last season, the team not only competed in the Formula Student Spain but also had the opportunity to compete in the Formula Student Germany and the Formula Student Netherlands. With three competitions lined up, the team was able to participate in all three, achieving the highest score in the FSS. It wasn't just a season of participating in three competitions; rather, it resulted in some of the best outcomes, securing a 5th place position in the design test and finishing at 9th place overall.