Free places

Right now we need people on the following departments:


We develop different electronic circuits that make up the car safety system


We implement sensors that serve dynamics departments to validate their designs. 

Main ECU

We program the car's main computer in Simulink and take care of the CAN communication of the different ECUs.


We design and implement our own high voltage vehicle battery protection and management system.. 


We develop the driver's interface with the car, programming the different menus, screens and functionalities.

Motors and Inverters

We take care of optimizing the efficiency of our electric motors through their controllers (the inverters), and we design our motors together with our sponsor Vernis Motors.


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We study the position of the pilot inside the car and manufacture different components related to its ergonomics such as the steering wheel or the seat.

Be part of the team!

Do you want to be part of e-Tech Racing and live Formula Student with us? If you are interested in becoming a new member of the team and participate in motorsport competitions in an universitary level, fil this application and we will contact you when we have available vacancies. Bring yourself to come! You won't regret it.

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